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Plants are very superior. All of our products use plant-based ingredients. When our options of plant ingredient are limited or not possible, we choose ingredients which are proven safe from developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies and immunotoxicity and known cancer causing ingredients.



Raihana Ahmad

Certified Scrum Product Owner, Certificate in Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (IIN, US),

Certified Facilitator in Processed Free Living (US),

Diploma in Education (Primary) (NTU/NIE), Diploma in Biotechnology (Medical) (SP)


Recently, my daughter asked me a question that led to the creation of Peau Pure: "Why did you create it?"

The concept of Peau Pure originated from my struggle to find affordable natural skincare options. I was determined to find products that prioritized the absence of health risks and were sourced sustainably. Additionally, I sought out manufacturers who adhered to ethical and sustainable practices during production.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with Ditch the Scale®, I understand the importance of using CLEAN skincare. Many people overlook the fact that good health requires a holistic approach. Ensuring that the products we use are CLEAN and do not burden our bodies with chemicals is one of my key focuses in promoting overall health.

Personally, my husband (also a health coach) and I witnessed remarkable changes when we made lifestyle adjustments. Previously, our diet consisted of fast food, packaged meals, and soft drinks. In 2001, we got married but struggled to conceive naturally. After seeking medical advice, we underwent IVF and had our first baby in 2009. In 2012, we underwent another round of IVF with our frozen embryos and conceived twins. Throughout this period, we gradually transitioned to cleaner food and household products. In 2013, our twins were born, and we felt incredibly blessed. Unexpectedly, we had a natural conception in 2014, and our first naturally conceived baby was born in October of that year. We conceived our 5th and 6th children in our 40s, at an age where many felt they are too old to conceive. We believed that our dietary and lifestyle changes played a significant role in improving our fertility.

I am immensely grateful for our six beautiful and healthy children. Alongside faith, I attribute our positive fertility outcomes to the changes we made in our diet and lifestyle. 

Inspired by the positive impact of our lifestyle changes and driven by my desire to provide my family with pure and wholesome products, I began crafting my own skincare creations. Soap, toothpaste, facial oils, and scrubs became a part of our household routine. It wasn't long before friends and acquaintances expressed interest in obtaining these CLEAN products for themselves. Their support and enthusiasm propelled me to share my creations with a wider audience, giving birth to Peau Pure.

Peau Pure stands as a testament to my passion for CLEAN living, fueled by personal experiences and a genuine commitment to make a difference in the skincare industry. My vision for Peau Pure is to ensure that CLEAN skincare is accessible to everyone, without compromising on quality or affordability. I constantly explore and introduce new CLEAN options, hoping to inspire others to embrace a more sustainable and mindful approach to skincare.

Peau Pure is not just a brand—it embodies a philosophy rooted in purity, wellness, and sustainability. I am dedicated to providing products that prioritize your health, the environment, and a brighter future for all.

#beautyisgentle #beautyiskind

Much love,



In 2019, our founder established a partnership with a manufacturer based in Australia who shared our core values. Through open communication and a shared vision, Peau Pure embarked on a journey to create high-quality skincare products. We started with a small batch, introducing two beloved products that remain favorites among our users to this day: the Cleanser and Nourishing Oil Serum.

We have maintained a strong relationship with our Australian manufacturer, as they consistently uphold our standards of excellence. The products in our expanding Basic Range continue to be sourced from Australia, ensuring quality and sustainability.

In our pursuit of more specialized formulations and cost-effectiveness, our founder sought out another manufacturing partner. In 2021, during the challenging times of the pandemic, Peau Pure proudly introduced the NEW ROSE range. Despite rising ingredient costs and shipping challenges, we made a commitment to maintain affordable prices. Our ROSE range is FDA approved and proudly made in Thailand by a manufacturer who adheres closely to our stringent ingredient requirements.

In October 2022, Peau Pure took another exciting step forward by launching Couleurs by Peau Pure, a new line of color cosmetics. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with the Flawless Set selling out on the day of its soft launch. We are thrilled to offer more enticing options in our color cosmetics range, all proudly made in the USA.

As we enter 2023, Peau Pure is dedicated to expanding our product selection to cater to the diverse needs of our users. We strive to reach more individuals who are seeking something better—products that are natural, sustainable, and ethical. At Peau Pure, we firmly believe that BEAUTY IS GENTLE and BEAUTY IS KIND. We are committed to providing you with skincare and cosmetics that align with these values, as we continue to grow and evolve together.

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