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Plants are very superior. Most of our products use plant-based ingredients. When our options of plant ingredient are limited or not possible, we choose ingredients which are proven safe from developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies and immunotoxicity and known cancer causing ingredients.


Raihana Ahmad

CSPO, Cert. Nutritarian Coach (US), Cert. Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (IIN, US), Cert. Facilitator in Processed Free Living (US), Dip. Ed (Primary) (NTU/NIE), Dip Biotechnology (Med) (SP)

Just recently, my daughter asked me this question.

"Why did you create Peau Pure?"

The idea of Peau Pure came about as I struggled to find natural skincare that is affordable to most. I wanted products that first, cause no harm health wise. Secondly, it needs to come from sustainable sources. I was also looking for manufacturers that adopt sustainable and ethical practices while manufacturing the products.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with Ditch the Scale®️, I fully understand the need for CLEAN skincare. Many don't realise that good health requires a holistic approach. Using products that are CLEAN and cause no chemical burden, is just one of my focus when it comes to health. 

Personally, I experienced dramatic changes when my husband(who is also a health coach) and I made lifestyle changes. We used to eat anything! Fast food, store bought ready meals, packaged meals and soft drinks were our norm. We were married in 2001 and couldn't conceive normally. In 2008, we seeked medical advice and went through IVF. We conceived our first baby in 2009. We had another round of IVF in 2012 with our frozen embryos and conceived twins. By then, we were slowly making changes to the way we eat and the household products we use. We started looking for cleaner food and products. In 2013, our twins were born. 2014, we were surprised with a natural conception and our first naturally conceived baby was born in 2014. I thought that was it. By then I was 38 years old. But I conceived again in 2017 and 2021. Both while I was in my 40s.

I am so grateful for the 6 children I've been blessed with. Other than faith, I believe the diet and lifestyle changes contributed to the change in our fertility.

As time passes, I've tried my hand in making soap, toothpaste, facial oil and scrubs all for personal use in my household. Then one of my friends asked me if I will ever sell the CLEAN products that I created as they'd love to buy them. That was the start. It was like a nudge that I needed.

With Peau Pure, I hope that more people have access to CLEAN skincare and realise that CLEAN can be affordable! #beautyisgentle #beautyiskind

Much love,



Small Green Plants

In 2019, our founder found a manufacturer, based in Australia, who shares very similar values. After some time chatting and understanding each other's needs, Peau Pure finally made the move to try a small batch with only two products, Cleanser and Nourishing Oil Serum, which till today, remains one of the favourites among our users.

To date, we still bring in products from this same manufacturer as they've maintained high standards, something that Peau Pure will always value. All products from our  growing Basic Range are from Australia.

Moving to having formulations that is more specific and cost effective, our founder decided to source for another manufacturer. In 2021, while the pandemic was still affecting our South East Asian region, Peau Pure introduced her NEW range, ROSE. Even though cost of ingredients and shipping had risen, our founder felt that the selling price would be maintained for as long as it is feasible. The ROSE range is FDA approved and proudly Made in Thailand by our manufacturer who follow closely to our ingredient requirements.


2022, Peau Pure hopes to reach more users who are in search of something better, something natural, something sustainable and ethical as BEAUTY IS GENTLE and BEAUTY IS KIND! 

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