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Desirable outcomes

✔️improve skin health and counteract sun damage and acne

✔️assist in increasing the skin’s elasticity

✔️reverses photodamage

VitA Serum-Retinol 30ml

  • Vitamin A

    •  promoting skin cell turnover, reducing wrinkles and acne, evening skin tone, minimizing pores, improving texture, enhancing sun protection, treating various skin conditions, boosting collagen production, and providing hydration

    Vitamin D

    • promoting skin health, supports overall skin immunity and reduce inflammation

    Seabuckthorn Berry

    • Rich in antioxidant, thus help in fighting free radicals, this ingredient also helps to regulate moisture levels, 'telling' your skin not to produce excess sebum. This nourishing oil serum also helps even out skin tone and fade post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
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